A homemade egg incubator is a great way to hatch chicken eggs at home. Being an interesting project, it can teach children and teenagers a lot of things. However, like everything, a homemade chicken incubator, too has its downsides. So before researching about how to make a homemade incubator, you should know all the pros and cons of a homemade chicken egg incubator.

Though chicken eggs hatch naturally, there are a number of artificial ways including the use of homemade chicken egg incubator. If you are planning to use a homemade incubator, you must know everything about a homemade egg incubator. We have enlisted the major advantages and disadvantages of making a homemade egg incubator at home to help you with your decision regarding purchase of a readymade incubator or building a homemade egg incubator.

Benefits of making a homemade chicken incubator

  • Inexpensive

Building a homemade egg incubator is considerably cheaper than purchasing a chicken incubator from the store. As a homemade chicken incubator can be made from recycled items that are generally available at your home, you can start incubation of chicken eggs in a homemade incubator for chicken eggs without spending a fortune.

  • Customized

You can customize every aspect of your homemade egg incubator and make it an improvised egg incubator according to your requirements. This means you will not have to stick to standard number of eggs for incubation like in case of a readymade incubator. You can make your homemade incubator as large and as small as you desire.

  • Eco-friendly

As a homemade chicken incubator can be prepared by recycling available material in your homes, it is much more eco-friendly than factory-made incubators that use fresh materials to manufacture the same. This means that you can reduce your carbon footprint by using a homemade egg incubator. Also, as you know what all items you have used in creating a homemade incubator, this gives you inner satisfaction that nothing will harm the hatched chickens.

Despite the inherent advantages of making an egg incubator at home, a homemade incubator for chicken eggs suffer from a number of limitations, too. Let us look at the cons of making a homemade incubator for chickens.

Limitations of homemade incubator for chickens

  • Hard to maintain temperature and humidity levels

It is really hard to maintain an ideal temperature and humidity levels inside a homemade incubator for chicken eggs. If you compare their ability to maintain the right temperature with factory-made incubators, then you will find out that they are not quite successful in this. However, if you plan your homemade chicken egg incubator diligently and build it meticulously, you can keep a much better control at the temperature and humidity inside a homemade incubator.

  • Low hatch rate

Experts argue about the efficiency of homemade egg incubators. Many claim that a homemade incubator for chicken eggs is not much effective in hatching eggs. Usually, it is said that a homemade incubator suffer from low hatch rates- lower than 50% making it not worth the pain of building one. But there are many reasons for low hatch rates including bacteria, low fertility level of chickens, etc. So, this limitation of homemade incubator for chicken eggs is quite debatable.

  • Time-consuming

It takes a lot of time to build a homemade chicken egg incubator. Unlike incubators available in the market, you have to gather a lot of things, plan for the creation of an incubator and indulge in hard work before the incubator actually starts functioning. Having a fast-paced lifestyle, not everyone can invest so much amount of time and energy in building a solution for hatching chicken eggs. Moreover, sometimes the need to hatch eggs might be urgent, making homemade egg incubator an unviable option.

Chicken incubation is a structured and careful process that requires prior planning. So, if you are planning to incubate chickens for hatching, you need to make a choice regarding an incubator. You can choose a homemade incubator or pick up an incubator from the market keeping your requirements in mind. Moreover, you should always make a mental note of all the advantages and limitation of homemade chicken egg incubators, you can make a decision and go ahead on your chicken hatching journey with hope of getting a great yield from your efforts.