If you are thinking of making a homemade egg incubator, you would need to gather some supplies and the equipment to build the same. An incubator will help you hatch chicken eggs in your backyard without much effort if you manage to build a working model. With the help of right supplies, you will succeed in making a homemade incubator for chickens with minimal efforts. If you have reached this blog hunting for a shopping list, you will not be disappointed because we have enlisted all the supplies in one place. You just accumulate these and start making a homemade chicken incubator, right away.

The Basics: Equipment Required to Build
Before beginning to think about a homemade chicken egg incubator, you would need some basic equipment to help you with the process. All these things will simplify the homemade chicken egg incubator creation for you. You would need the following equipment and other stuff to make full use of your supplies:

• Marker/Pen
• Wire Cutter
• Knife/Cutter
• Gloves
• Duct Tape
• Drill & Drill Bits

Once you collect these basic equipment and stuff, you can move ahead with collection of main supplies. The supplies will be installed and used in creation of a homemade chicken egg incubator. Every stuff on the list has its own significance and even without one, it would become hard for you to get desired results. But the best part with making a homemade incubator is that you can improvise, experiment and adjust. E.g. if you do not get hold of a lamp assembly to hold the light bulb, you can go to a hardware store and purchase a single bulb holder, instead. So, without much discussion, let’s get ahead with the supplies list.

The Supplies
Once you are clear about the equipment, you should think about collecting main supplies. You will need every one of these and will have to install the same inside the Styrofoam box or structure you choose to build an incubator in. Check around you will get most of these items lying around your home unused. So, start the treasure hunt and accumulate these supplies for building your own homemade incubator for chicken eggs.

• Styrofoam Box (or any other box/cabinet)
• Light Bulb
• Lamp Assembly
• Thermostat
• Computer Fan
• 12V Transformer
• Old Picture Frame
• Styrofoam Cup
• Aluminum Hardware Cloth
• Thermometer
• Salt
• Water
• Plastic Zipper Bag
• Flashlight

Now that you know the list, you must have realized how easy it would be to create a homemade incubator yourself. You can check how to make a homemade incubator in our homemade chicken egg incubator creation process infographic, here.

Places to Shop for Supplies
All the supplies required to make a homemade egg incubator can easily be sourced. Most of these things are found lying inside your home, itself. But if you are not able to find one thing or another, you can go to your local hardware store or grocery shop. You can provide the list to the store owner there and he/she will help you source the stuff. The great thing about all the items on this list is that they are really cheap and easy to find. So, it should not be difficult to shop for these supplies and these will not be heavy on the pocket, too.

So, we have compiled the list for you. Now, it’s time for you to visit a store and gather all the supplies to build an improvised egg incubator for yourself. The whole point of building a homemade incubator for chicken eggs is ease, affordability and power to customize the shape and size of homemade chicken egg incubator. So, stop wasting time and get going. We are sure you will not be disappointed with what you create and the results that will come out in the form of small chicks after the hatching period.

If you are confused about anything related to any item on the list, you can keep browsing our website for additional information about homemade chicken egg incubators. If still something tickles your mind, you can leave your question in comments or contact us. We will help in clearing out your doubts and assist you in the process of building a homemade egg incubator.