When people see someone trying to hatch a chicken egg using a homemade egg incubator, they laugh at the prospect, writing it off as a silly hobby. Most people believe that it is impossible to make chicken eggs hatch on their own. As people are accustomed to large-scale, commercial chicken hatcheries, digesting the fact that anyone can build one in their backyard is hard. But is chicken hatching really a silly hobby or a wise move that can teach a thing or two about the process? Let us find out.

Why do people call home incubation a silly hobby?
The young generation is impatient and reckless. That is why anything that appears time-consuming becomes a waste of time for them, instantly. Just like the young generation, elders too do not like people wasting their time on frugal things and issues. This has resulted in the development of a negative image for homemade chicken egg incubators. The people who are against the process of homemade incubation say that:

• Homemade incubation is a messy job
People have all sorts of reasons to cast a vote against a particular thing or event. Generally, when people understand how to make a homemade incubator, they begin realizing it is a messy job. They do not want to get their hands dirty on building a box that might lead to chicken egg hatching. As people are inclined towards off-the-shelf solutions, they do not want to spend time on building a homemade incubator for themselves and continue their ranting about incubation process at home.

• Homemade chicken incubators offer zero results
Many have actually claimed that they built a homemade incubator once but it was not able to bring fruitful results. So, they created a notion that a homemade solution such as a homemade chicken egg incubator never bears fruitful results. They have all sorts of claims and notions that they use to justify their stance. While in reality, a homemade chicken egg incubator, if built properly, promise similar results like any other artificial incubator available in the market. The key is to regulate and maintain the right temperature and humidity that people fail at, turning them negative on homemade improvised egg incubators.

• Waste of time, efforts and money
People say that making a homemade egg incubator, just like any other Do-it-yourself (DIY) activity, is a waste of time, efforts and financial resources. But, in reality, the things one learn from the activity has no tangible value. People say it is better to save time by purchasing chicken from the market if one is fascinated by small chickens but they fail to realize the emotional quotient attached to creating something by hands and seeing it work to bring a living being to this world.

What can someone actually learn from Home Incubation process?
The proponents of homemade chicken egg incubation process on the other hand believe it is a great bonding activity for family. Parents can collaborate with their kids over a homemade incubator project and have fun during summers. Taking care of chicken eggs teaches children the importance of discipline and punctuality while making them aware about the importance of right climate for hatching.

• Great educational project for kids
As mentioned above, making a homemade incubator for chickens is a great educational activity. Children learn different aspects of science, biology and physics while building and taking care of a homemade incubator. A child can use his knowledge gathered from the project to create a science report. Also, the whole process is enlightening for a child at many levels, making him see life in new light.

• Cheaper method of hatching chicken eggs
Homemade incubation is a relatively cheaper process. As most of the materials used to make a homemade chicken egg incubator are found easily, the process is comparatively cheaper than buying a readymade incubator.

• Planned activity with fulfilling results
No matter what haters speak about homemade egg incubation, using a homemade egg incubator promises fulfilling results. One should keep in mind the incubation cycle of chicken eggs and can plan the activity when one wants. Unlike natural incubation that requires a hen to sit on the egg that depends on mood of hen and natural factors, a homemade incubator has the potential to hatch egg anytime.

Definitely, the pros of building a homemade incubator weigh heavier than the cons, making it an interesting hobby. Kids can learn how to make a homemade egg incubator and create a project report for science assignment that will surely help them grab good grades. Moreover, it will help them become more considerate towards other life forms teaching them a lesson in empathy and care. So, why not help them build a homemade chicken incubator and see them happy with their own little chickens.